BargeOps 5.4 improves BargeEx Support

BargeOps has a long history with BargeEx. We think that using an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) delivery system to connect barge service companies with their customers delivers a great deal of value. EDI can improve data quality, improve productivity, reduce questions about transactions … in general EDI takes a significant amount of “friction” out of the transaction process for barge service companies and their customers.

Up to this time, BargeOps has supported the sending and receiving of BargeEx transactions as a service provider. BargeOps Version 5.4 adds a new feature which enables BargeOps to receive vendor’s barge status transactions as a barge line.

BargeOps provides the ability to review a vendor’s transactions before importing.

BargeEx Vendor Doc

When vendor documents (transactions) are imported, they create or update barge events and assign the vendor’s agreed upon billing rates. BargeOps provides a Vendor Bill review feature for reconciling the charges on a vendor’s invoice with the expected charges on these barge events.

BargeEx enables participating companies to exchange traffic information about their barge activities, such as shifts, midstreams, fleeting, cleaning, and more. For more on BargeEx, check out their website here.

Are you using EDI in your barge service business? Contact us for to discuss how BargeOps can help streamline your operation.

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