BargeOps Freight Contract

BargeOps Freight Contract Overview

BargeOps Freight Contract Management allows for the electronic management of freight contract terms and pricing for various shipping origins and destinations by commodity. When a barge ticket is created in BargeOps referencing a contract number, the correct pricing and terms for that contract will be automatically reflected on that ticket and carried forward accurately for invoicing.

Key Benefits

Contract Management

  • Supports origin and destination based freight rates with scheduled rate escalations
  • Demurrage support
  • Force Majeure
  • Draft-based tonnage calculations
  • Contract Document Library

Freight and Demurrage Billing

  • Automated billing calculation
  • Billing review
  • Generates invoices
  • Invoice adjustments

Report Suite

  • Contracted versus actual freight quantities
  • Demurrage billing
  • Ton-mile report
  • Customizable to client requirements

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