Track Repair Status For Your Barges

When one of your revenue-generating barges leaves the fleet for needed repair, you don’t want to waste time assigning it to a freight movement because you didn’t know it was out for repair. You need to be able to see its current repair status and get it fixed as economically as possible.

Efficiently track a barge through the repair process.

To the bottom line, managing the process with efficiency can be more important than the actual repair itself. With this in mind, the development team has added new features to track a barge throughout the process of repair. You can see the barge, monitor its progress through your system and be ready to schedule it for revenue generating opportunities, just as soon as it’s cleared for action.

“One of our valued customers told me recently that the repair status feature has helped his company manage and even minimize the downtime of repair, allowing them to more accurately measure the productivity of a barge,” said Mark Maxwell, “this is perfect for our value proposition which aims to make an investment in BargeOps pay for itself in relatively short order.”

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