BargeOps 4.1 Demurrage Improvements

Improvements to BargeOps enable you to do more than barge trip demurrage on a per barge basis. With BargeOps 4.1 you can now handle:

  • Demurrage Adjustments
  • Demurrage Billing Details on Barge Tickets
  • Demurrage Carry Over Credit
  • A Wide Variety of Demurrage Agreements and Calculations
  • Grouping of Freight Contracts

In prior versions of BargeOps, the demurrage capabilities did not support adjustments. Your billing administrator had to manually track carry-over from one period to the next. Also, you could not see how much demurrage was owed on a barge ticket. Now, you can make adjustments on demurrage.

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With BargeOps 4.1, you can now see how much will be billed on the Load and Unload events of a Barge Ticket. This is especially useful for making adjustments, such as adding free days. So if you create an invoice and there is a dispute with a customer about the appropriate number of days for demurrage, it’s easy to make an adjustment.

BargeOps 4.1 supports a wide variety of demurrage agreements and calculations. We’ve improved support for Monthly and Quarterly debit/credit demurrage (also known as “quarterly averaging”).  Debit/credit demurrage considers all barges in a group for demurrage calculations. BargeOps 4.1 provides the ability to carry over credit from one period to the next. So if your barges were unloaded early during the billing period, the credit for unused demurrage allowed under the contract is automatically carried over to the next period up to the contractual maximum.

With BargeOps 4.1 you can group your freight contracts for affreightment and demurrage billing purposes. Before we added freight contract groups, every contract had to be invoiced separately. Now when you have multiple contracts set up in BargeOps that are closely related, you can include them on the same invoice. For demurrage invoices, these grouped contracts share demurrage terms and the demurrage carry-over is shared.

BargeOps cuContact BargeOps buttonstomers on the annual maintenance plan and who have a Freight Module license will receive this significant update to demurrage.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us or schedule a demo.


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