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Do your customers want to know what is happening with their barges? Do your vendors need to know what’s coming at them? BargeOps has a number of reports to help keep your customers and vendors informed, but sometimes it is not enough information or not timely, and so they call and email you. To address this continuous need for more and better information, we developed a website called BargeOps Portal.

BargeOps Portal is a secure website where your customers, your vendors, and your own employees can view the current status of barges, as well as your barge registry and current boat positions. You control the level of access each user has to the information.

Users have the ability to search for their barges based on criteria such as load status, origin/destination, and commodity. Once they’ve found what they need to know, users can export the information to a spreadsheet or save the search to be run again another day. Users can also schedule saved searches to be emailed to them every day at a specified time.

[blockquote type=”left, center, right”]BargeOps Portal is a secure website where customers, vendors, and employees can view the current status of barges, as well as your barge registry and current boat positions based on permissions you set.[/blockquote]

For your freight customers, BargeOps Portal has a dashboard to help them keep track of the current status of barges in-transit, loading, and unloading. The dashboard shows a variety of charts for tracking total tons loaded MTD and YTD as well as barges recently loaded/unloaded.BargeOps Portal Chart

In addition to status information on barges, users can also access your barge registry, including dimension details and draft tables, and the current river/mile positions of your boats. The barge registry and boat positions do not require a login, so they are accessible to anyone who needs just this info.

The look of the BargeOps Portal can be customized to incorporate your company logo, desired colors, and certain other user interface features.

The BargeOps Portal is included in every license of BargeOps. Contact us if you would like to know more about how to implement the Portal for your company.


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