Quick Tip: Duplicate Record Found

When a problem occurs in BargeOps Onshore, it displays a notification to the user. Our Quick Tips series addresses some common notifications, explains what happened in more detail, and gives you a tip on how to address the issue yourself. Of course, you can always click the Email button on the notification to send it to us and we’ll help you resolve it.

Duplicate record found.

Unable to save changes because another record exists with duplicate data in a field that must be unique.

Duplicate record foundMany of the records in BargeOps require a unique way to identify each record. For example, each barge must have a unique Barge # and each boat must have a unique Boat name. When you try to add a new record (or modify an existing one), the system automatically checks to see if any other records exist with the same value entered in a field that must be unique. If so, you will get the “Duplicate record found” message.

What you can do:

Typically you can just use the existing record. If the existing record is not being found, it may be inactive. To make it active, search for the existing record with Active only unchecked, modify it, check the Active checkbox, and click Submit. If you are sure you need a new record, you’ll need to pick a value that is not already in use.

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