Trip Planner

BargeOps Onboard enables the seamless exchange of information between shore based dispatch and the boats. It is a fully integrated boat-based module for traffic management that streamlines communications.

Dispatchers use Trip Planner to plan boat voyages. It enables them to plan barge pickups and drops at facilities along the way. It has flexibility to let them identify a list of barges to pick up but to only pick up some of them (pickup quantity), so they might list 8 barges and only want 4 picked up. They can also specify that barges can be dropped at any of a list of facilities, so say they have 10 barges picked up and they want to drop any 3 at Facility A and 3 more at Facility B and the rest at Facility C. Dispatchers can also identify boats with which they will turn tows (exchange barges in tow). They can plan ahead and have more than one trip plan/order created for a boat. When the current order is done, the boat starts the next one. Also, in BargeOps, dispatchers can easily identify barges ready for pickup and then in the Trip Planner they are all listed and can be assigned to an order.

The system also is flexible enough that if a shift order is issued for a location that may have 50 barges to choose from and it does not matter which barges are picked, it’s easy for the boat. In this scenario, the boat can pick up the barges and add those barges to the order until the number on the order is fulfilled.

Planning trips like this improves the efficiency of your boats helps deliver better financial results for your business.

Based on feedback and input from our customers, the BargeOps user interface continues to deliver an exceptional experience for boat captains and dispatchers.

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