BargeOps Portal Delivers What (YOUR) Customers Want

Our customers provide most of the new ideas they want to see in BargeOps, but sometimes those new ideas come from our customers’ customers. The BargeOps Portal exists to help you provide 24/7 access to your customers so that they can see what is happening to their barges and freight. We’ve been busy lately adding the new features that your customers are asking for and that help you serve them better (and more efficiently!).

You may have a customer who needs to see all the barges in a fleet that serves their dock or terminal. Until now, your customer could see only their own barges, but now we’ve added support for letting a terminal customer see all the barges in a specific fleet regardless of which barge line operates those barges. You control what your customers can and cannot see.

Similarly, we’ve added the ability for your freight customers to see barges for another customer’s contracts. This is useful for companies that handle freight for other customers and need to know the status of those barges during shipment.

Do you spend a lot of time sending certain reports to your customers? BargeOps Portal now has the ability to let your customers run selected reports for themselves, and download them as Adobe PDF or Excel documents.

We’ve also added a few usability enhancements, like having the Barges Portal remember how your customer sorted the list of barges in a Saved Search, and giving them the option of receiving daily reports as either PDF or Excel documents.

Sometimes your customers need information from barge trips in the past, not just what’s happening now. So, we’ve added two ways to do help with this. First, if a customer wants to see completed trips, they have the option to search closed tickets. Second, when looking at the events for an open ticket, the list will also include events from prior trips if the events occurred within the period of time that you specify for that customer.

The BargeOps Portal is included in every license of BargeOps. Contact us if you would like to know more about how to implement the Portal for your company or schedule a demo of BargeOps and the BargeOps Portal.

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